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.In March 2020,Free 2019-nCoV Plasmids

.In February, 2020,you can get  free 10 face masks for each order.

.In August, 2009, a favorable price was offered for gene synthesis: EUR0.30/bp.

.In June, 2008, started the polyclone antibody service.

.In January, 2008, because of the expending of the company, ShineGene moved to Shanghai Wuhe Road 328#.

.In July, 2007, Peptide Calculator® peptide synthesis analysis software was developed.

.In March, 2006, GenSearch® gene synthesis software was successfully developed.

.In February, 2005, ShineGene started to explore the oversee market and offer gene synthesis and peptide synthesis service for abroad customers.

.In June, 2004, as required by the market, ShineGene started the peptide synthesis service.

.In May, 2004, synthesis department was set up and began the gene synthesis business for customers.

.In April, 2003, ShineGene Bio-Technologies, Inc. was founded and registered in Shanghai Caohejing Economics & Technology Development Zone.


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