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Gene Synthesis              Cat.NO.SG00101           Free 2019-nCoV Plasmids


No Prepayment
100% Accuracy
Quickest turnaround time
Lowest price
Most experienced
Strictly confidential
Specifications for Custom Gene Synthesis
DNA Sequencing Automated bi-directional fluorescent DNA sequencing with ABI3730
Final Form 4-10ug lyophilized DNA cloned in a standard plasmids pUC57 or pUC18/19 pPCR Script Vector
Documentation Plasmid map and printout of DNA sequence
Note:We don't guarantee the orientation in vector, so if customer need to choose certain orientation, please let us know when you place an order. Every gene sequence is verified before delivery.

Prices and Turnaround for gene synthesis

Size of Gene


Price (USD) per base pair


8 to 10 work days
10 to 15 work days
15 to 20 work days

$ 90.00/gene
$ 0.19/bp
$ 0.19bp
$ 0.25/bp
$ 0.27/bp

For example:For a gene with 1,000 bp, the price would be $190 ($0.19x1,000)
Gene Synthesis Order Form     Condon Optimization Request Form
Online Order

If ordering by P.O., please send an E-mail to or containing the P.O.#, shipping address and billing address. Please provide a phone number for delivery purposes.

All communications for the Gene synthesis Services will be held in the strictest confidence.
Gene Synthesis Note:
1. Shipping is extra.Freight is $50.00.
2. Please contact or                                                 
3. Minimum sequence length: 400bp or USD $90.00 order
4. For complex sequences, please contact us for a quote
5. Free cloning into our standard vector pUC57. If customer wants to subclone gene into their own vector, additional USD $120.00 is applicable.
6.Codon optimization is free of charge.
7.Every weekend our technical staff will send you progress report of the gene synthesis via email.
8.High GC Content Genes and Highly Repetitive Genes
In case of genes with high GC content (including regional high GC content genes), as well as highly repetitive genes, ShineGene reserves the right to deliver genes within a more reasonable time frame. The new time frame will be consulted with customer prior to start of gene synthesis. ShineGene may also refuse to fill any order by notifying customer orally or by written notice if the order is technically difficult to accomplish.
9.First order discount,trial order discount,large order discount.please contact us for a quote.E-mail: or                                  

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