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Real Time Quantitative PCR Service(qPCR Service)

Real-time quantitative PCR remains one of the most sensitive and quantitative tools for gene expression used today.
Quantitative PCR(qPCR) is a powerful, highly sensitive technique that can be used to quantitate gene expression, determine gene copy number, detect SNPs, and detect DNA from viral and bacterial microorganisms. ShineGene support both SybrGreen and Taqman reaction chemistries. With Taqman chemistry, a labeled probe is included in the reaction to enhance the specificity and sensitivity of target sequence detection. With SyberGreen chemistry, amplified product is detected by its interaction with the SyberGreen fluorescent dye, which selectively binds to double-stranded DNA templates. We also offer primer and probe design services. We manage all aspects of the project from assay design to data analysis. Sample preparation (Nucleic acid isolation, whole genome amplification, etc.) is also available. You can get full service from ShineGene.

Quantitative PCR can be applied in several key areas including:
1.Gene Expression Analysis
2.SNP Polymorphism Analysis
3.Quantification of miRNA

4.Drug Response Analysis
5.Cell Bank Copy Number Analysis
6.Mutation Analysis
7.Residual DNA Analysis

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Price List
Full service (from sample to data acquisition)You can get full service from ShineGene.E-mail:master@shinegene.org.cn

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The turn around time from sample to data is about 30 working days.

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