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Design Service for Fluorescent Probes

Using our in-house expertise and powerful design tools, we will provide you with the optimal probe design,Taqman or Molecular Beacon.Save time by letting ShineGene design your fluorescent probes and associated primers for your real-time quantitative PCR applications or mutation detection needs.You just tell ShineGene the name of interest gene.Your design will be sent to you by email within 3 working days of submitting your design request. Complex primer and probe designs or multiplex assays may take longer to design. Our team of design specialists is always available to answer any questions you may have about our design service. Please contact us at master@shinegene.org.cn.
Note: This design service applies only to probes and primers for real-time quantitative PCR applications and mutation detection needs. If you have already designed your own primer and/or probe sequence, ShineGene can also test your design.
Optimal probe design: statistical optimization techniques are used to select probes free of dimers, repeats and runs to maximize signal strength.
Multiplex probes: We can design up to two sequences, which are non-homologous to prevent competition in multiplex reactions.
Allelic discrimination: We can design probes for detection of both wild-type and mutant alleles.
Tm calculation: Uses Santa Lucia, nearest-neighbor thermodynamic values
Promise:ShineGene promise every probe work well.
Price:First design is FREE. The price for subsequent designs starts from $15 per probe.
TaqMan Probe Design guidelines
Molecular Beacon Design guidelines


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