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Custom Polyclonal Antibody Service 

       A reliable immunological assay demands reliable antibodies and antibody services. ShineGene provides a one-stop solution to all our customers' antibody needs. Our custom antibody services include recombinant protein expression, peptide design and synthesis, polyclonal antibody production, express polyclonal antibody production, affinity purification, conjugation, fragmentation, and immunoassay development.

Phase 1. Peptide synthesis

  •  Assistance on designing peptide with respect to protein homology, antigenicity, hydrophilicity, and synthetic suitability.Free to design antigen.
  • Custom FMOC Peptide synthesis up to 30 amino acids (10 mg). 4 mg of free peptide will be delivered to the customer together with the antibody.
  • A cysteine will be automatically added to the C-terminus or N-terminus of the peptide, and conjugated to Map,KLH or BSA.Note:MAP technology is an excellent substitute for conventional carriers when your sequence is very hydrophobic, contains internal cysteines, has less than 10 amino acids in the sequence or when a stronger antigenic presentation in the animal is needed. MAP technology can be used in any antibody protocol.
  •  Peptide purity is >80%. 
    Time: 2~3 weeks
    Price: around EUR15.00 for each amino acid residue
    (reference  to our website:

Phase 2. Peptide conjugation to MAP,KLH or BSA

  • Conjugation of 5 mg peptide to MAP,KLH or BSA using terminal Cysteine.

                     Price: around EUR120.00

Phase 3. Immunization and anti-sera production in rabbit

  • Conjugated peptides are used to immunize rabbits.
  • Ten-week protocol to produce antibodies in 2 SPF rabbits of each peptide.
  •  ELISA tests until the titer reaches 1:4,000.
  • 1ml of pre-immune serum and 50~80ml of final immune bleeds.
  •  Final product ELISA titer>1:8000

                     Time: 10 weeks
                     Price: EUR330.00

 Phase 4. Antibody purification (optional)

  • Purification of the antibody by protein A or antigen-affinity resin.
  • Antibody will be dialyzed against PBS after purification if required.                    
    Time: 3 days          
      Price: EUR120.00  for protein A purification
                EUR240.00  for antigen-affinity purification

Total Time: around 14~16 weeks

Note:Shipping is extra.Freight is €160.00.

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