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Site-directed mutagenesis is a molecular biology technique in which a mutation is created at a defined site in a DNA molecule, usually a circular molecule known as a plasmid. In general, site-directed mutagenesis requires that the wild type gene sequence be known.
This technique is also known as site-specific mutagenesis or oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis.
Site-directed mutagenesis has been widely used in the study of protein functions.
ShineGene's mutation procedure also provides gene manipulation include point mutations, deletions, and insertions. They can be customized to fit any scientific applications.

To order, please provide:
1. Desired target gene sequence, cloning vector and cloning sites.
2. The template and its sequence information,Chromas sequence.
3. If the starting material is plasmid, a 1-2 µg template plasmid droped on filter paper.
A sufficient amount of culture if starting material is bacterial culture.
4. Maps, antibiotic resistance, and cloning sites of destination vectors.

Email:master@shinegene.org.cn or shinegene@vip.163.com     Mutagenesis Service Order Form

ShineGene will
1. Perform PCR cloning, subcloning or mutagenesis to get the desired target construct.
2. Deliver about 1-4ug of plasmid with sequence chromatograms(electronic) covering your mutation. All constructs are confirmed by DNA sequencing.
3.The turnaround is about 14 working days depending on the complexity of the mutagenesis project.

Mutagenesis Price:
For gene less than 1kb, Eur120.00 /site
For gene more than 1kb, Eur150.00/site

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