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E.coli Protein Expression and Purification-
(No Risk-
Guaranteed 3mg Package)

Guarante:3mg of recombinant protein and Purification report is delivered to client
No Risk: If 3mg is not achieved, client may choose to decline service payment. No prepayment.
Lowest Price: Eur1400.00/protein, Project estimated time:~3 weeks

Step 1. Target gene synthesis
Codon Optimization,see the Gene Synthesis
Estimated Time
23 weeks
Step 2. Target gene subclone
Subclone of your interest gene into bacterial expression vector with his-tag or other selected tag (such as GST or thioredoxin).
Estimated Time
1 week
Step 3. E. coli Express straintranslate and filter

Transform expression plasmids into efficient E.coli expression strains.
At least select 5 positive clones to amplify and induce the expression target protein in LB medium.
SDS-PAGE electrophoresis test the expression status of culturing traget protein,and choose suitable single clone strain to express target protein.
DeliverablesRecombinant plasmid expression strains and expression testing report.
Estimated Time
1 week
Step 4. Target protein Expression and Purification
Shaking flask culture 1L recombinant bacteria,inducing to express the traget protein.
Through affinity,ion exchange,hydrophobic and gel filtration etc. multifold chromatography ways to purificate and express recombinant protein.
SDS-PAGE electrophoresis test every step result and control the quality of the final production.
Deliverables Purified target protein 1~5mg and purified report.The most protein purity can reach >85%.
Estimated Time
2~3 weeks

Listed is the typical turnaround time at ShineGene. Please note that additional requirements may incur additional steps, and likewise longer processing time.
To request a quotation, please send it to us by or fax 0086-21-5446 0831.

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