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ShinePrep® RNA Miniprep Kits

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ZN00701 50 rxn 108
ZN00702 100 rxn 192

The ShinePrep RNA
miniprep kit provides a rapid method for purification of high-quality total RNA from small samples of tissue or cultured cells.Extreme purity of RNA is critical because contaminating DNA present in the RNA sample can give rise to amplification products that mimic the amplification product expected from the RNA target. The ShinePrep RNA miniprep kit eliminates these problems by providing high yields of total RNA with undetectable levels of DNA from animal tissues and cultured cells. This simple and effective method of RNA purification eliminates time-consuming ethanol precipitations used in other RNA purification methods. The ShinePrep RNA method employs a spin cup with a silica-based fiber matrix that binds RNA in the presence of a chaotropic salt while a series of washes removes contaminants. The lysis buffer contains guanidine thiocyanate, one of the strongest protein denaturants, to lyse the cells and to prevent RNA degradation by ribonucleases (RNases). The supernatant is then transferred to a spin cup with a silicabased fiber matrix where the RNA binds to the fiber matrix. Treatment with a low-salt wash buffer and digestion with DNase removes the remaining DNA. A series of washes removes the DNase and other proteins. Highly pure RNA is eluted from the fiber matrix with a small volume of low-ionicstrength buffer and captured in a microcentrifuge tube. The highly pure RNA is ideal for conventional RT-PCR and real time quantitative RT-PCR and is suitable for cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, northern blotting, Rnase protection assay, and primer extension analysis.  
RNA Isolation Kit Manual

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