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ShinePolo® One step RT-PCR qPCR Kits

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ShinePolo® One Step RT-PCR Kits is a system for performing qRT-PCR in a single step, in a single tube. RNA does not work a template of PCR method. However, it becomes possible to apply the method to RNA analysis by synthesizing cDNA from RNA using reverse transcriptase. This is exactly the RT-PCR method. One Step RT-PCR is performed with this product.At One Step RT-PCR, a reverse transcription reaction performs using Specific Primer (Reverse).PCR performs using synthesized cDNA as a template, and using Specific primers (Forward,Reverse) as PCR primers. (Random Primer and Oligo dT Primer cannot be used for a reversetranscription reaction.) ShinePolo® is designed to allow real time RT-PCR reaction in one step with the use of SYBR Green I® or a detection probe, such as TaqMan®, Molecular beacon,etc.Ficoscript® is an engineered Moloney murine leukemia virus (MMLV) reverse transcriptase with reduced rNase H activity and optimized for use in a one step real-time system. PowerQ® Taq DNA Polymerase is a real-time quantitative PCR enzyme formulation consisting of recombinant full-length Taq polymerase (Engelke et al., 1990) and a highly efficient hot start antibody that inhibits Taq at ambient temperatures, providing automatic hot start PCR. The increased sensitivity and specificity exhibited by our PowerQ® formulation make it the perfect choice for your real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) applications. One-step RT-PCR performs RT as well as PCR in a single buffer system. The reaction proceeds without the addition of reagents between the RT and PCR steps. This offers the convenience of a single-tube preparation for RT and PCR amplification. The operation is simple and it minimizes the risk of contamination. Amplified products are monitored in real time, so thers is no need to verify them through electrophoresis after PCR. This kit is suitable for detection of tiny amount of RNA like RNA virus. It is very suitable for multiplex RT-qPCR.ShinePolo® is applicable to most real-time PCR instruments, e.g. from Applied Biosystems, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Corbett Research, Roche,and Stratagene.

one step RT-qPCR


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