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Gene Synthesis

        20,000 Ready-Human cDNA Clones!Only Eur100.00/clone!
Search can be performed using: Gene Name, Gene Symbol, Accession Number or Keyword.

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company news
  In April, 2003, ShineGene Bio-Technologies, Inc. was founded and registered in Shanghai Caohejing Economics & Technology Development Zone.
In May, 2004, synthesis department was set up and began the gene synthesis business for customers.
In June, 2004, as required by the market, ShineGene started the peptide synthesis service.
In February, 2005, ShineGene started to explore the oversee market and offer gene synthesis and peptide synthesis service for abroad customers.
In March, 2006, GenSearch gene synthesis software was successfully developed.
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Gene Synthesis  

Custom siRNA Construction

Peptide Synthesis

Custom Antibody Service

Real Time PCR(qPCR)

Protein Expression


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Taq Polymerase for qPCR

Pfu DNA Polymerase

Kod DNA Polymerase


Reverse Transcriptase

MiniRNA Prep

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2018 Latest Impact Factors List